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MRHA - How it all started back in 1983

The Idea!                                                                              
Over the summer of 1983, Paul E. Jenny of the Rental Housing Association of Greater Springfield (RHAGS), engaged Estelle Fisette, of the Greater Holyoke Rental Housing Association (GHRHA), and David Craig, of the Southern Worcester County Landlord Association (SWCLA), in conversations of starting a statewide rental housing organization comprised of whatever existing individual groups they found in the commonwealth.


The Action!                                                                             
A meeting was arranged for the fall at The Public House in Sturbridge to further discuss the idea and to invite all of the associations from around the state to participate. Finding over a dozen groups, the invitations went out, and every group responded positively and planned to attend.


The Meeting!                                                                       
With over a dozen groups in attendance, a unanimous desicion was made to form a statewide parent association under which all of the organizations would reside. It's purpose would be to strengthen, connect, and unite the local groups and to present a single unified voice for rental property owners in the state. SWCLA member, John F. Durbin, an attorney from Shrewsbury suggested the statewide association be incorporated and prepared the necessary articles of organization.


The Filing!                                                                         
With all the groups blessings, the organization documents were filed with the Secretary of State on December 13, 1983, by the first president Paul E. Jenney (RHAGS) and listing the officers, Estelle Fisette (GHRHA) as the first Vice President, David Craig (SWCLA) as the first Treasurer, and Jean Decoteau (SWCLA) as the first Clerk, forming the Massachusetts Rental Housing Association; The first, and only, statewide rental property owners association with local affiliated associations. The corporation formed consistent with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 180, became entitled to exemption from Federal Income Tax as a Non-Profit Corporation under 501 (C)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.



MRHA was formed to promote a common interest amongst owners of rental housing and to improve the communication with tenant associations for the resolution of problems and the improvement of rental housing in Massachusetts.

Past Presidents

Krystine Hetel Haverhill  2013 -2015
Mark Leger,     Waltham (WRHA)       2004 - 2013


Jo Ann Geissler Worcester (WPOA)     2002 - 2004

John Luchini,      Quincy (SSRA)           19?? - 2002